Pepper Gas Freestanding Alarm.


What the Skunk stand-alone pepper spray unit can do
It will fill the area the unit is protecting with a highly repulsive and irritating pepper gas and on activation a siren will sound.

A standard unit will spray for five seconds on activation which will give the unit eight separate sprays from a single canister, and has a shelf life of four years.

Spray time can be adjusted to suit the customer’s requirements. Maximum spray time of one full canister is approximately forty-five seconds until empty.

Once the canister is empty it is replaceable.

After activation the unit rearms itself after three minutes.

To arm and disarm the unit:
a) Code hopping remote control
b) Key switch
c) Key pad etc.

Remote lock out can be used where the first two remotes can arm and disarm the unit and the remaining remotes can only arm and not disarm the unit. A maximum of sixteen remotes can be per master unit.

Once armed a red LED will illuminate indicating that the unit is in the armed mode. A green LED indicates that the unit is charging the battery.

To arm and disarm by remote control is immediate unless a door magnet has been used.

A time delay of eight seconds is used on the entry exit door with an audible alarm to warn that the unit is still armed. No time delays are on the passive. The time delay only works when the unit has been connected to a door magnet.

A passive is mounted to the unit, which will detect any movement in the designated area activating the unit. Pet passives (factory applications) or a standard passive can be used.

For extra safety a second passive can be wired to the unit in the same room, both passives need to be activated simultaneously by the intruder before the unit will activate. This method is popular on game farms and plots, where lizards and other large insects tend to activate the unit where there is only one passive.

On activation a siren will sound for five seconds or three minutes depending on the customer's requirements.

Slave units are also available and can be connected to the pepper spray alarm for larger areas or, connected directly to an existing burglar alarm with a constant twelve-volt output once activated. The slave unit resets itself when the alarm resets or when the master unit resets.

Up to two slave units can be connected to a master unit with a passive per slave unit. Upon detection of an intruder the master unit and all slave units will activate simultaneously.

Beams, door magnets and hard wire or remote panic buttons can also be connected to the unit. The panic button activates a siren only. No pepper gas is sprayed.

Servicing of the Skunk unit should be done every six months by a competent installer, to check that the canister has enough gas and that the unit works properly.

The unit comes standard with a “7-amp hour back up battery” which will power the unit in the event of a power failure. The back up battery must be upgraded to a larger battery if more slave units are added. A larger back up battery will increase stand by time, in the event of a power failure.

Charging of the unit takes place by a plug in wall transformer 16 VAC.

The pepper gas used is a totally natural mixture, made up of different peppers, which is non-lethal to humans but attacks the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, nasal passage and skin. The gas is non lethal and is used by some local law enforcement agencies.

The pepper gas is electronic equipment friendly.

Optional extras are the teledialer, which can be used in conjunction with the unit. Upon activation the teledialer will phone up to five different telephone no’s including cellular phones with your own pre-recorded message, or a radio alerting an armed response company, or both.

The stand-alone pepper gas unit can be used as a portable unit relying on the back up battery for power.

Master unit length: 380mm x width, 185mm x depth 70mm
Slave unit length: 295mm x width, 185mm x depth 70mm

Applications for the Skunk stand-alone pepper spray unit
Commercial and industrial

Server rooms
Store rooms


Gun safes
Store rooms
Game farms

Included in box :
1x Pepper Gas Freestanding Unit.
1x Onboard Passive.
1x Onboard Soundbomb.
1x 250G Pepper Gas Canister.
1x Code-Hopping Remote.

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