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RoboGuard H/Q 3-8 Zone .

Every Roboguard system is made up of detection sensors called Roboguards (see picture below) and receiver-control modules called HQs and Keypads.

The Roboguards detect the presence of an intruder and then transmit a radio message to the Roboguard control receiver equipment.

The Roboguard employs dual beam technology. Both the top and bottom beams need to be triggered to detect an intruder. This system allows for limited movement (dogs, birds, wind and plants) without triggering false alarms. Roboguard beams can detect movement up to 20 meters away in an arc of 110 degrees.

The Roboguard control equipment has a radio receiver and a processor which monitors the roboguard radio transmissions and then reports this activity to the owner. The processor is also programmed to supervise/manage the roboguards and to relay received information to a connected alarm system.

The HQ can be positioned up to 400 meters from the Roboguards and can monitor up to 8 Roboguards. The HQ will give both an audible and visible alert when a Roboguard is triggered, so you always know where the threat is coming from. The HQ also monitors signal strength and Roboguard tamper, by individual Roboguard.

Roboguard control receivers will also respond to only Roboguard Remotes, which can be used to arm and disarm systems, or trigger systems via panic button.

There are Roboguard systems that can be connected to computers to provide powerful additional features.

There are a number of additional Roboguard products designed to connect Roboguard systems to other alarm systems and vice-versa.

Roboguard is a wire-free, state-of-the-art outdoor early warning system. It offers perimeter protection in a simple, easy to install, and easy to move manner. It is not dependent on a cabled power supply as it works on 8 c-cell batteries which last 2-5 years and communicates via a uhf radio.

False alarms are minimal, due to on-board computer technology which identifies the difference between a human form and small animals, such as dogs, birds and monkeys. DIY outdoor security protection couldn't be simpler.

DIY outdoor security protection couldn't be simpler.

The security system can also be used to monitor and audit  security-guard scheduled patrols in industrial applications.

Roboguard provides outdoor security protection for agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

We have been marketing Roboguard, mostly through referral business, for the past eight years

We are committed to empowering individuals to reduce the crime which affects their daily lives.

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