Lince Bobby Outdoor Passive


The BOBBY outdoor detector consists of two dual PIR passive sensors and a 10,525GHz microwave strip-line. The particularly evolved electronics has been designed to guarantee the maximum performances in external and rigid temperatures environment. The three beams are adjustable and allow to get a horizontal coverage distributed on 150°.

The lower infrared beam is even vertically adjustable and it allows to get a detection range between 3m and 15m. Besides the alarm functions, the detector is provided with ANTIMASKING functions ANTIMASKING function has been implemented to make the Bobby detector mostly unassailable from those, who could have access to the site where the sensor is installed, during the period in which the system of alarm results disabled, therefore in order to signalling attempts detector’s tampering.

The detector is able to notice attempts of microwave obscuring with metallic or great dimensions not metallic objects. (5÷10 cm close to the detector) It’s not recommended to use this electrical output as alarm.

Includes built-in Paradox Wireless Trasmitter for Paradox Wireless Panels & Modules. Uses 3 x AAA Duracel Batteries.

  • Triple technology for outdoor use
  • Two PIR sensors and one microwave with switching function.
  • MW frequency 10.525 GHz
  • Infrared sensors low consumption double element and UV filter
  • Fine regulation of the lower beam (patented system)
  • UV rays resistant Fresnel Lens
  • Horizontal beam detection: 60°
  • Horizontal detection excursion + / - 45°
  • UV resistant polycarbonate case
  • Stainless steel pole and wall support fixing
  • Protection IP54
  • Antimasking function
  • Adjustable IR sensibility
  • Operating temperature: -25°C ÷ 70°C
  • Operating range : 3 ÷ 15m.
  • Power supply from 11 to 15 Vdc.
  • Power consumption: 25mA
  • AND/OR selectable function.
  • Dimension: 81x56x189 mm.

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